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The time which has elapsed between the publication of the present book and that of its forerunner, TRUTH LEGACY BOOKS – Eight Books of Truth [The precise Greek title translates as INCORRUPTIBLE & INVIOLABLE – Eight Books of Truth] has been brief. The time has been brief and the event unexpected. At least for me.

When, in January 2018, TRUTH LEGACY BOOKS – Eight Books of Truth was published, many people kindly enquired if and when another book would follow. And the reply which I gave at that time was honest: that I had no other material ‘ready’ for publication, nor did I have the strengths and readiness to concern myself, at that stage of my life, with the writing of the work which I envisioned at some point in the more distant future. So how did I come within so short a space of time to write the foreword to the present volume, Heavenly Miracles – Hidden Truths (TRUTH LEGACY BOOKS – The Ninth Book)?

Within the framework of the exegesis of the present work, I will briefly review the history of the whole work which I have undertaken, and deal with my role in it.

In the 1990s, between 1995 and 1999, eight books, with the following titles, were published: The Incorruptible – An Essay on Human Nature (1995), Inviolable Stars (1996), The Third Book – Messages of Love (1996), The Fruits of Being (1997), The Next Steps (From the Stars) (1997), Before Him (1998), The Seventh Proclamation (1998), The Path of Angels upon Earth (1999). These books were published with Emmanuel Grig. Papadogiannis named as their author. The reader, on reading the forewords and introductions to these books, is informed by Emmanuel Papadogiannis that his contribution to the above books was twofold: on the one hand, that he himself had written the early books, with the assistance of certain acquaintances; and that, on the other, in the case of the books which followed, from the second part of the third to the eighth, his role had been that of text editor of certain manuscripts entrusted to him by a lady referred to as S.S., and to undertake their publication. As is stated and explained in the forewords of most of the eight books, the texts were transmitted to S.S. telepathically by the ‘Companions’. This is a matter to which I will revert in what follows.

In 2005, a good and ever-memorable friend recommended that I should read this series. This work, consisting of eight books, thrilled me from the beginning for many different reasons.1 I welcomed the contents with relief as they explained, in a concentrated and unifying manner, many issues which had concerned me from an early age, but I decided to prioritise well-intentioned doubt and research by scientific method, as I was taught by certain Fathers of modern medicine whom I had the honour to know personally. This process was intensive, demanding, and lengthy. In parallel with myself, I realised that with the truths contained in the eight books, I was filling not only my own previous gaps in the understanding of innumerable matters, but, gradually, those of many of our fellow human beings whose inner life I was aware of as a physician and neurologist.

With the passage of the years, the wish matured within me to share the contents of the books, and this wish was reinforced by concern when, in 2014, I bought, as a gift for a good friend, the last copy of the first book, The Incorruptible – An Essay on Human Nature, in the bookshop, and realised that only a limited number of copies of the other books were left. It was then that, for the first time, I got in touch with the home of Emmanuel Papadogiannis in an effort to make his acquaintance and share with him my wish to contribute to the re-issue of the eight books, enhanced and updated, but without the slightest deviation from what they contain. My concern increased when his wife informed me that Emmanuel Papadogiannis had died in 2004. Fortunately, his son, Grigorios Papadogiannis, whom I met, entrusted me with the intellectual property rights of the eight books, and so I was given the opportunity to re-publish them, collected in one volume – TRUTH LEGACY BOOKS – Eight Books of Truth.

As I consider it natural, I asked Grigorios Papadogiannis for information about his father and the rest of the original contributors to the work, and it was reasonable that my enquiries about them should centre upon the name and identity of S.S., who had played a definitive part in the writing of most of the eight books. Although I was told her name, it did not prove possible to find any address or telephone number by which to communicate with her. As to Emmanuel Papadogiannis, I discovered that he had been a senior judge, a member of the Court of Cassation of Areios Pagos, a very scholarly man.

In the end, I was forced to complete the editing of the work without the slightest hope of ever meeting any of the original contributors – a meeting I would have liked not only for the pleasure it would have given me or any curiosity which would have been satisfied by ‘meeting the author’, but also as a scientist who has studied and been concerned with the brain and the mind, in the context of learning details of the process of telepathic reception of the information contained in the work.

The substantive gain which I had from the fact that I did not know any of the original authors of the work TRUTH LEGACY BOOKS – Eight Books of Truth in person was that I was ‘obliged’ to concentrate pre-eminently on the essence of what is written in the eight books and only secondarily on how exactly it was written or on the personality of those who wrote it. In reliance, therefore, on the arresting content of the work, and on the enduring wisdom which it reflects, I completed what I had embarked upon in the conviction in myself that my involvement in the work has a substantive meaning, in faith in the original contributors to it, and trusting in the source of those contributors.

And so we come to January of 2018 and at last the eight books came back into circulation, collected into one volume: TRUTH LEGACY BOOKS – Eight Books of Truth. A short time later, the telephone rang one morning, and I heard the voice of S.S. for the first time. She had learnt of the existence of the book, she had just obtained a copy, and had found my particulars, so that, moved to tears, she could thank me for continuing the work which she had so laboriously begun some 25 years earlier.

Straightaway, S.S. talked to me about the present book which is published under the title of Heavenly Miracles – Hidden Truths. The writing of this book began effectively in 2001 (one chapter had been written in 1999) and it was completed in 2002. Emmanuel Papadogiannis edited the book afresh, and it then took the title of The Circle of the Graces. Its printing was completed a very few days before he died in 2004. This book was never made available to the public, but as it had already been printed, it was circulated among a few people. S.S. asked me if I would be interested in seeing it and if I wanted to edit it as I had the first eight books, so that it could be republished. She also informed me of the possibility of adding further hitherto unpublished texts, of earlier and later date, to the present volume.

Regardless of the fact that S.S. kindly addressed to my own free will the proposal that I should take part in the continuation of the work, I took the question which she put to me to be purely rhetorical. Having accepted with all my being the authenticity and the wisdom of the content of the eight books, it would have been out of the question for me, after such profound and lengthy involvement, not to be interested in any supplementary content.

In the end, the present book, Heavenly Miracles – Hidden Truths (TRUTH LEGACY BOOKS – The Ninth Book), consists of two parts: the earlier Circle of the Graces and the more recent Heavenly Miracles – Hidden Truths. I decided that the content of The Circle of the Graces is more specialised, and that for most readers, in terms of meaning, it is more fitting that it should follow the more recent texts. Personally, I regard them both as timeless masterpieces of the intellect which are not affected by whatever order I arrange them in, and which all the generations which have gone before and who will follow would wish to be acquainted with.

In the light of my wish for the unimpeded continuation of the whole work, I felt that it is in keeping with this book that it should be published as soon as possible after the initial one, and so I have made every effort to achieve this aim within 2018.


As it is my wish that ‘TRUTH LEGACY BOOKS’ as a whole work should be from almost every point of view more widely accessible than any printed edition allows, I have considered it desirable to provide the entire Greek text of both books free for reading on – that is, on their own site on the Internet.

Thanks to the constant developments in information science, there can be no doubt that the Internet provides many possibilities and opportunities, apart, of course, from the classic pleasure of holding in your hands, leafing through, and reading a fine book.

One of these possibilities is that those who have difficulty in reading the texts in books because of the size of the print can overcome this on the Internet site by choosing to enlarge the font to meet their needs.

There is a further possibility – more substantive for me, as I have laboured greatly for 12 years in my efforts not to deviate in the slightest in terms of meaning from the text of the eight original books – which I have thought necessary to make use of immediately when, by means of the present texts, I became acquainted with the special interpretations of certain terms. This was immediately my eye fell upon the term ‘theiosis’, which I had encountered at two points at an earlier stage, during the editing of the fifth book – The Next Steps – From the Stars.2 Both in the demotic and in the earlier forms of the Greek language, the interpretation of theiosis (the chemical enrichment of a substance with sulphur or a sulphur compound) differs completely from that of the word theosis (‘divinisation’) – a term which is also used at other points in the whole work. As I could not discover any theological meaning for the word theiosis in any source, I decided to replace it with the word theosis, which I considered to be cognate. Now that I have found the special meaning of theiosis in this work, I have two immediate opportunities of correcting my error even before there is any re-publication of TRUTH LEGACY BOOKS – Eight Books of Truth when the existing copies are sold out: one in the electronic edition on the Internet and the other in this introduction.

The publication of the present book, which conceptually and chronologically is so close to TRUTH LEGACY BOOKS – Eight Books of Truth, gives me the opportunity to make certain clarifications which have arisen either from the first experience of the publication of its forerunner, or from what has now been my enlightening acquaintance with S.S.

The first concerns the manner of reading the work. Although it is customary for a book to be read starting from the beginning, there is a clear recommendation as to the previous book and the first part of the present book which encourages reading in no particular order, random reading at whatever page falls open on each different day. The information which I have received from readers confirms that this – strangely – greatly facilitates the reading of this particular work. I am, nevertheless, doubtful as to whether this can serve as a recommendation for the second part of the present book, The Circle of the Graces.

The second concerns the content of the work, which in my own mind is divided simply into: (a) texts by enlightened individuals; (b) enlightened texts by spiritual intellects from above, the self-designated ‘Companions’.

In the present book, all the texts are derived from the ‘Companions’ through S.S., with the clear exception of the quotations and passages which were added on a second occasion by S.S., Emmanuel Papadogiannis, and myself.

This does not apply to the same distinct degree in the case of TRUTH LEGACY BOOKS – Eight Books of Truth, as I was enlightened by S.S. In the second section of the above book – from the second part of the third book to the eighth book – apart from the texts of the forewords, the introductions, and some selections from each book, there are also a few points at which, on a second occasion, that is, during the editing, the ‘subjective’ opinion of the enlightened editors of the work, principally of Emmanuel Papadogiannis, obviously, has been developed. I would stress, in parenthesis, that at those few points where I have wished to express my own opinion, I have clearly indicated this by the words ‘Editor’s Note’.

Most, therefore, of the few such points of addition to the text which S.S. articulated stand out by reason of the interpolation of certain explanatory theological passages or citations from the Valley of the Roses.3 This is an astonishing book by Paul-Amadeus Dienach, edited by G.M. Papahatzis. As I have written elsewhere,4 I regard this book as basically the product of a striking universal disclosure, without this preventing me from expressing, at the same time, the view that there are significant differences from the texts of the ‘Companions’, which I primarily embrace as authentic and true.

Unfortunately, the original texts of the telepathic dictation of S.S. have not been preserved in manuscript or any other form. If they had been, this would have permitted the clear identification of any other point (apart from the passages and texts from The Valley of the Roses) where the texts of the ‘Companions’ have been supplemented – without being distorted – during the editing by Emmanuel Papadogiannis. This is a matter of a very few points where there is a distinct reference to contemporary structures and events in our society of today, such as, for example, to the European Community and to the war in the Adriatic,5 and to the governance of peoples.6


I would like to express my warmest thanks to all those friends who have given their own time in helping me to present this book, which would not be what it is without the contribution of each of them. And, of course, to S.S.


In the foreword to the unpublished book The Circle of the Graces,which Emmanuel Papadogiannis edited, without ever being able to take it into his hands, he states:

«Contained first and foremost in this work is a message of love from That Power whom all of us call God, with absolute or relative experience of knowledge or in ignorance that this is the supreme Power of beauty and forgiveness which begs for love in all the expressions and paths of the progression which is called life.

»A message from the Creation which ordains the order and harmony of the spiritual and natural Universe, which brings us favourable winds to drive forward our psychic and spiritual quests.

»A message from Him who determines our steps through the ages and stirs our memories with boldness and love, that we, in essence the addressees of the message, will have the flow in the cosmic process of the understanding of Heaven.

Nothing is more ancient than God, for He was never created.
Nothing is more beautiful than the world, for it is the work of the same God.
Thales of Miletus (Diogenes Laertius, Lives of the Philosophers).

In the same book, S.S. wrote:

«This revelatory work is a spiritual conception which has been inscribed upon my understanding, on my cognitive cells, with the command that it should be conveyed to your understanding. The sounds of the composition of conceptual work vibrated my soul and urged it to give these messages on the levels of our planet.

»These messages which came through my brain cells advanced into the sphere of my understanding in a way which I am not in a position to express in words. Throughout the time of conception, what predominated in my soul was awe, devotion, and the ‘need’ to express in particular words this astonishing divine gift.

»Non-material radiant entities came to give us HIM, the LORD of love, of mercy, and of sacrifice, and, simply, I, for reasons which I do not know, undertook this role of writing, collecting, and giving you their messages.

»This work provides hopes of access to divine things, on condition that a struggle is engaged in to promote entity».

I am grateful for the fact that by means of this work, my scientific and broader knowledge concerning Man has been widened, and I feel fortunate in the small part which I have played in bringing the project to light.


Efthimios H. Mikropoulos
Athens, October 2018


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